Founder of Karachi Kafe

Karachi Kafe, the place for salubrious food and comfort, newly opened in New Jersey by the media icon, foodie, and entrepreneur Anny Khan. She is a woman with a charming personality, full of grace and dignity, she is a host, a businessperson, and a prominent media personality with many accolades under her belt. She is also a mother and states proudly that all the wonderful projects and ventures she does, all the strength to accomplish them emanates from her little kiddos.

Family Upbringing and Studies

Brought up in the city of lights “KARACHI”, she is the only female child of her extended family and was surrounded by her brothers and cousins while growing up, she used to compete with them and always was instilled to have the courage and fear no one, this reflects beautifully in the woman she is now. The most important person who has a major role in shaping Anny’s love for food is her mother, she had command over multiple delicacies and cuisine which Anny savored throughout her life and to her she is the best cook in the world. The family was very close-knitted and used to gather for festivals and celebrations, meals and cooking was an enormous part of this.
She emigrated to America with her family when she was just a little kid, although she studied Canadian immigration that never attracted her, the actual calling was always her culture back home, the vision of helping people, the thrill she got by aiding the South Asian community never equaled anything else, this passion was her aspiration for all the projects she worked on in prospect.
Now the world doesn’t move to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you may not be right for some. No phone no lights no motor car not a single luxury. Like Robinson Crusoe, it’s primitive as can be. Goodbye, gray sky hello blue.

Zas Pages and Media Ventures

Anny khan is a proud Pakistani, she just adores her legacy and heritage and therefore has worked vividly towards giving a platform and voice to the South Asian community in the states. She is like a fearless force for them that has emboldened them to speak up for themselves and bring out the beauty the people of Pakistan beholds. She is the gratified owner of Za’s pages which a flourishing magazine that is a medium of social, cultural, and entrepreneurial promotion of the interests of people from South Asia with the beautiful goal:

My goal is “Connecting Communities Together” irrespective of their race or religion and bring up the common issues they deal with and help them find proper resources to solve these issues. ~Anny Khan

She is a successful media anchorperson and host, having her show was one of the key wishes from her bucket list, and gaining that at such a young age one can say that she is at the top of her game at the moment. Her enigmatic shows include The Anny Khan show and Chit Chat with Anny khan, the former show was an inspiring depiction of real-life stories of South Asians residing in America, all the interviews conducted by her were absolutely unique with intellectual questions put out knowledgeably. Another show that she worked for is Hello America With Anny Khan with the top production house in Pakistan, ARY digital network, where she captivated people with her hands-on experience about different people and places in the USA.

Inspiration for Karachi Kafe

As mentioned earlier, Anny was brought in a family that treasured their culture and cooking was a huge part of it. They were very fond of the Karachi cuisine, this same tenor was in Anny, even when she came to the USA, she continually tried new food and had a perceptive taste in appreciating new ingredients and learning about them. Even when she was a child, she had the knack for creating new dishes and always came up with new twists when it came to traditional food. The second thing on her bucket list is to own a place where she could proudly present the scrumptious Karachi cuisine, which is something very near and dear to her heart. The intention behind this place is to flaunt her beloved family values and respected culture, the food is the prime representation of it for her.

Anny Khan