Special & Spicy Biryani

Special & Spicy Biryani

There’s no greater joy than waking up to the smells of biryani-in-the-making

Biryani is a mixed rice dish from the Indian subcontinent. It can be compared to mixing a curry, later combining it with semi-cooked rice separately although it sounds simple the extravagant mix of spices and the heavenly aroma has helped it acquire a niche in the hearts of all South Asians. It has been here for centuries and love for this mind-blowing dish is never-ending. The multiple versions of biryani are immeasurable, but if you are a desi then you would know the exact difference between all biryani’s hands down, nothing more than a well-cooked biryani can bring you back to the nostalgia of the city, Karachi. If there is one thing Pakistanis can agree on, then there is one word for it, BIRYANI!!

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