Special & Spicy Chutney Roll

Karachi Kafe: A New Sensation in Town

Karachi is considered to be the melting pot of Pakistan and the scrumptious cuisine in the bustling streets of this luxuriant city is filled with aroma, copiousness, and diversity. The ethnic mixture of people that come to this city every year is like a new vivacious touch to this cuisine and it is truly a sight to witness for every Karachiite. The Mughlai, Awadhi, and Hyderabadi cuisine and all the North Indian cuisines have brought a novel addition in one way or another to the food of Karachi. Every city has its specific specialties and they define its culture magnificently but when it comes to Karachi, there is a never-ending list that keeps expanding, the people here are true foodies who hold onto the traditional varieties while simultaneously cherishing the new twists brought to the cuisine.

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art

Inspired by this food for thought and the extravagance of the food in Karachi we present to you Karachi Kafe, a new sensation in the town, under the supervision of the beloved owner Anny Khan, it is aiming to serve piping hot dishes inspired by the street and gourmet food of Karachi in your city, it will be carrying a unique and grand vibe of cultural richness from the subcontinent, make sure to drop by and expand your horizons of food by savoring such authentic Karachi cuisine.

Spicy Chutney Roll

Piping hot grilled chicken, wrapped in deep-fried crispy all-purpose flour made parathas with sweet and sour chutney, it is perfect for a quick boost of taste and a meal highly relished by a city which is mostly on the move and is constantly hustling.


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